I am now offering Lomi Lomi massage (loving hands). This is a full body massage using warm oils and is performed on the whole body at once, encompassing the whole body rather than working on one area at a time as in a normal type of massage.

Long flowing, rhythmic movements mainly using forearms – rather like the waves of the sea, sweeping up and down the full extent of the whole body often working on 2 separate areas so you wont know or be thinking where the therapist will be working on, therefore the person receiving this ultra relaxing and blissful massage simply ‘lets go’ and can truly relax letting go off any tension and clearing the mind

This massage has all the usual benefits of regular massages, but the real difference is that it helps with:

Improving the state of mind, a deeper induced relaxation including sleep, can bring harmony and balance to the mind, body & spirit, helps to restore wellbeing.