Sports/deep tissue and remedial massage works deep in the muscles, realigning the muscle fibres and connective tissue.


Sports massage is a more focused approach concentrating on the areas that need the most work. It helps you get back on track and keep you going, working with you to achieve the best results.
We use deep strokes, specific techniques, stretches and various forms of bodywork such as myofascial release and trigger point therapy on concentrated areas of the body. This facilitates healing, alleviates pain and stiffness and helps increase joint mobility. The application of sports massage prior to and after exercise, can enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.


Deep tissue massage can help a wide range of people, including computer users, manual workers and sporty people.  If you have general muscle tension and tightness, chronic or ongoing pain, deep tissue massage can be beneficial before and after a sporting event.

For deep rooted problem areas, I have an infra-red massage tool to get deeper into the soft tissues. Every treatment will be tailored to your needs.


Chronic and ongoing pain
Tight, aching muscles, tension and knots
Back, neck & shoulder pain
Trapped nerve, nerve impingement
Sciatic nerve problems
Frozen shoulder, tennis elbow
Headaches & migraines
Improves circulation and aids waste removal
Tight aching legs from sports, before and after an event
Removes toxins and lactic acid after an activity
Helps with scar tissue after an accident, injury or operation
Improves joint mobility and muscle tone
Relieves tight congested muscles

Thank you for all your expertise and help. You are a very compassionate yet professional practitioner that really understands your clients. Your knowledge of A&P is well demonstrated regarding isolating and working with muscular problems and you have assisted greatly with my chronic pain relief. Your healing hands and touch has made a tremendous difference to my quality of life and I would recommend you to anyone.