If your feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed and in need of some real relaxation, then how about trying a Hot Stones or Warm Bamboo Massage. The heat from the massage relaxes you and the muscles so much quicker leaving you feeling revitalised and energised.


Environmental pollution and lack of physical activity all add up to make you vulnerable to diseases. It becomes imperative to unwind and rejuvenate for better health and happiness. Hot Stone Massage is a therapy used extensively to provide deep relaxation to the body.
The hot stones are placed in various positions over the body to maximise the therapeutic effects. The heat is distributed and penetrates throughout while the massage is focused on an area. The heat is deeply relaxing in a short space of time enabling you to detox and heal, increase lymph flow and flush out waste.


Warm bamboo massage is an effective way to increase circulation, relieve aches and pains, loosen tight muscles and improve sports performance. It can melt away even the most stubborn knots and tension. The varying sizes of the bamboo and techniques used in this treatment can make it into a more intense massage or equally into a wonderfully relaxing treatment with the added benefit of the heat, which really enhances the massage. With bamboo therapy the results goes deeper and last longer than other massage techniques.

Benefits of these treatments.

Increased circulation, elimination of waste products and stagnant toxins.
Decrease in muscle spasms, pain and healing time for injuries.
Increase in joint and muscle flexibility.
Reduces stress levels, s
lows down respiration to enable deeper relaxation.
Increases energy and vitality.