Benefits of Pre and Post Event Massage

Sports Massage has a variety of benefits, used as a preventative tool, for conditioning, and rehabilitation too.

Pre event massage can help to prepare an athlete in the last stages before high intensity activity, but can be effective in the 48 hour lead up. Massage can loosen and warm up muscles and ensure the body is functioning freely, stretching and stimulating the correct muscle groups to be used. It can aid mental preparation and improve clarity and focus of the athlete. It will also  compliment the normal warming up of the muscles before an event.

Post event massage can aid and accelerate recovery after an event by removing waste products such as lactic acid, preventing Delayed Onset Muscle Syndrome (DOMS) and stretching the tissues. Massage will help reduce muscle soreness, muscle fatigue and the likelihood of injury occurring or reoccurring as well as increasing the nutrient supply to the muscles and aids a quicker recovery process ready to carry on with training.