There is a powerful connection between the mind and body that can ‘tell’ us we can use our thoughts to help heal ourselves.

Stress is your body’s reaction to change and the body reacts to it by creating a physical, emotional or mental response. Stress can cause you to feel anxious and out of sorts, it can also cause serious health issues. Stress over long periods of time can cause physical symptoms such as headaches, backache, upset stomach and even chest pain which can make you think it is something far worse.

Learning how to manage stress or chronic pain such as headaches/migraines through simple and effective techniques. Through treatments with me I will show you ways how you can manage the pain through the Relaxation Response, Yoga breathing, guided Meditation/Visulisation exercises, Self-Hypnosis and affirmations – switching your mindset, Mindfulness and NLP techniques.

The more you tune into your body’s ability to heal, the better chance you will have to fight your pain. By focusing on positive thoughts and images, the quicker you will heal. Pain has a mind of its own, so the best way to fight it is through distraction and by bombarding it with positive energy and thoughts.

During the treatments we can also do some Reiki, and Emotional Freedom Technique, visit my wellness page to see more information on these treatments or visit:

Wellness treatments

One of the best pain relief methods is to use laughter as medicine – so get laughing it releases endorphins and makes us feel happier!

Take a moment to think what really makes us happy, smile and get laughing. Maybe it is a holiday or childhood memory. Maybe it’ is watching a funny film or some comedy. Try and imagine a happy place and time when you can embrace all your feelings, the sounds and colours. Focus on healing – your mind has no limits.

If you focus on the pain and the sadness, the pain can take over and feel worse. Pain and suffering can take over your life – if you allow it to. Letting go of painful emotions that no longer serve you is life changing. Replacing these types of negative emotions with more positive ones can completely transform your life. So start by focusing on positive emotions like: happiness, joyful, thankful being grateful etc. Notice what kinds of images come to mind.

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